Matter of Payment
By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: Not Mine
Warnings: PG
Pairing: Jack/Will
Notes: A small drabble of many.
Summary: Will books passage on a questionable ship that "looses" his payment.

Will was beginning to think he'd stepped onto the wrong ship. He had tried to find the ship that was leaving right away. He'd needed to get out of Tortuga before Jack found him and took him back to the Pearl. The ship he had chosen was not a pirate ship per say, it was more of a disreputable merchant ship with a grizzled crew. The looks he was getting made him uncomfortable. He had paid for a cabin though, which he quickly retreated to after watching Tortuga fade out of sight. He hadn't been in the room long before someone knocked on the door. Cautiously, Will got up and moved towards the door, opening it to look out. The captain of the Cobra, a man by the name of Wellert, stood outside his door.

"Captain," Will said, "What can I do for you?"

"Well boy, we've got some matters to discuss?" Wellert replied.

"Matters? What matters?"

"Well, I'd rather not discuss them out here for any ears to hear, won't you let me in?"

Will frowned and reluctantly let the captain into the room. Wellert stood in the middle of the room and looked back at Will. "See boy, there is the matter of your payment."

"My payment? But I've already paid."

"Well, there's the problem. Your payment seems to have disappeared." Wellert explained.

"Disappeared?" Will repeated.

"Aye, so then, you'll need to be payin' us again."

"You took all I had!" Will protested, thinking of how hard the man had haggled over the price of passage to the next port.

"We could always...arrange something else," Wellert said, approaching Will with a leer.

"I shall do no such thing." Will said, drawing his sword. He hadn't felt comfortable on the ship and had never removed the sword from his side.

Wellert reached into his coat and drew out a pistol. He pulled back the hammer and pointed it at Will. "Will you not?"

Will narrowed his eyes at the man. "Never," he hissed. From his belt Will pulled out a dagger and threw it at the Captain, hitting him in the shoulder.

The pistol went off, a bullet lodging in the wall beside Will. Will quickly threw open the door and ran out to the deck, even as the Captain howled and cussed in rage. The crew looked at him menacingly as they heard their captain yelling for them to catch the boy. Will wove his way across the deck, avoiding some men and fending off others. He quickly climbed onto the railing of the ship. He heard the captain thundering up behind him as he dived down into the dark waters. He never heard the shot, he merely felt the odd sting in his back as he cut through the water. Suddenly, his whole body felt strangely warm in the cool water. He looked up to the surface where only the moon showed down to light the way. As he watched, a red cloud seemed to float over the silver orb before blotting it out completely.

To Be Continued...