Cat Overboard
By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: Not Mine
Warnings: PG
Pairing: Jack/Will
Notes: A small drabble of many.
Summary: Bootstrap the kitten takes a dive overboard.

Usually, Jack was pleased with his ship and the speed with which she cut through the water. Now, he cursed her for not being fast enough. He'd had to pay more people off in order to find out which way the Cobra was heading and once they actually pulled out of Tortuga, it was already morning and a windless foggy one at that. They moved through the water slowly and Jack could only hope that the Cobra was moving just as slow, if not slower. The Cobra was not technically a pirate vessel, it was worse. They pretended to be a legitimate merchant ship, only to turn around and strike out at whomever they were working for. At least Jack and his crew were up front about being pirates. Wellert was not and it had earned him many enemies on the sea. If anything had happened to Will though, he'd just earned himself his last enemy as Jack would kill every last one of them and burn their filthy ship.

Jack was distracted from his thoughts as he looked down at a small impact with his foot. The kitten he'd picked up was bouncing around over his boots. Annamaria had laughingly dubbed the small brown creature Bootstrap, as the kitten had an affinity for anything that dangled, most especially bootstraps. He nudged the kitten with his toe. The small cat rolled over before attemping to pounce on his foot. He watched it play for a few moments before his gaze shifted restlessly back out to the endless stretch of white in front of him. It was as though they were lost in a blizzard and only his compass was keeping them on course. But they still moved too slow. He needed the sun to come out and burn off the fog. He needed the wind to pick up and send them on to their destination faster. He needed to get Will back.

Bootstrap got bored with Jack's boots. Jack's lack of bootstraps was no fun and he couldn't reach the dangling ends of Jack's coat. Instead, he wandered off in search of something else to play with. A rope tempted him to the edge of the ship. He pressed his body down to the deck and began to stalk his prey. He gave a mightly leap, a bit too mighty. Jack turned as he heard the cat yowl. When he heard a small splash down below he cursed the stupid cat. He quickly moved to the rail and looked down. He could just see the outline of the cat bobbing above the water beside some larger figure. He squinted and was able to see the outline of a body bobbing in the water...a very familiar body. Will!

"Man overboard!" Jack bellowed as he threw off his coat and dived down into the water. He surfaced and swam towards Will, who was floating on his back beside the ship. Bootstrap had attached himself to Will's shirt and was crying out pitifully. Jack quickly reached them and pulled Will into his arms. A rope slapped the water beside him and he grabbed it, wrapping it around his arm as they were lifted out of the sea.

They were lowered onto the deck and Bootstrap skittered away to nurse his wounded pride and dry off . Jack looked down at Will's pale skin and feared that he might already be dead. Only the soft rattle of his breathing said otherwise. He checked Will over, but could find no wound. However, as he did so, the deck began to stain with blood. He turned Will over and cursed to see a bullet wound in his back. Careful not to jostle him too much, Jack picked him up and strode into his cabin. "Gibbs, come now!" he ordered as he kicked the cabin door in.

Gibbs followed quickly. The crew watched as the cabin door slammed shut again and they could only wait to see what happened next.

To Be Continued...