Anna knows Best
By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: Not Mine
Warnings: PG
Pairing: Jack/Will
Notes: A small drabble of many.
Summary: Why does she have to be so smart?

Annamaria breezed through the door of the captain’s cabin. “Jack, Dinner.” She said as she plopped a tray down on the table.

Jack didn’t even turn to look at her as he muttered a tired “thanks.” His attention was focused solely on Will. Annamaria looked at Will also. The boy looked terrible. He was whiter than she’d ever seen him. The color was awful, like the powder on an officer’s wig. It made her think of a ghost lying in Jack’s bed. There’d be two of them in here if Jack didn’t eat soon. She stomped over to Jack and smacked him on the back of the head. “Go eat.” She instructed firmly.

Jack looked up at her pitifully.

“He ain’t gonna fade away if you turn around and eat man. You need to get something in you or else we’ll be nursing you back to health as well.”

“Can’t I bring it over here?”

“No, you’ll disturb his sleep, now get over here and eat with me or I’ll tie you out to the mast.”

He looked up at her and knew there was no getting out of it. She’d probably carry out her threat and then he wouldn’t be able to watch over Will. With a sigh and a last longing look at Will, he got up and moved over to the table. Annamaria had brought some sort of fish chowder, but as Jack drank from his bowl, he hardly tasted it.

"Have we sighted the Cobra yet?" Jack asked.

"Nay," she shook her head. "We haven't seen another ship about, but that's not to say they ain't hiding. If they realized who our Will was, they'd have good sense to do so. But I think they were probably none the wiser and we'll find them soon."

"Good," Jack spat. "I'll kill everyone of 'em with my bare hands."

Annamaria shook her head. "You'll have to call dibs first Jack, cause 'alf the crew's already laid claim."

"Fine then, if we don't sink them outright, I want the captain."

"Engaging might not be a good move with Will injured as he is." Annamaria pointed out.

Jack frowned. Why did the woman always have to be right? She was right about what he was doing to Will. She was right about not engaging for fear of endangering him further. Why did she get it and he didn't?

"It's a woman thing Jack," Annamaria smirked.

"...I said that aloud?" She nodded. "Can we scratch that from the record?"

"Nope, I'm gonna remember this day as the day I bested Jack Sparrow."

"That's Captain to you," Jack said as he shook his head.

To Be Continued...