Die By the Sword - Part 4
By: Missfortune
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Warnings: A/U, OOC
Notes: Hmm, I definitely got stuck on this one seeing as it took me soooo long! But I ironed it out at the price of the chapter length, it's not terribly long but it moves so that's ok.

Tet-Chan stared at the unmoving human. Sure he didn't like him and wanted to end his life, but what an undignified way to go. He knew that Sofu D had been training the human lately, but he was unsure of the reason. All the pets knew that Leon recently had a close brush with death, which had sent the Count into a depressive state until the Detective had reappeared, after which Leon had begun training. The last thing Tet-Chan wanted to do was make D depressed again by telling him that his human was dead. That was one of the many reasons he didn't kill the annoying human himself.

He wondered exactly what he was going to do. He stared down at Leon, still and quiet, he wasn't quite as annoying as Tet-Chan usually found him to be. But then again, he was usually alive when Tet-Chan encountered him. He scratched his nails across the detectives exposed arm as he wondered what he was going to do. He was so lost in thought that it took him by complete surprise when the Detective jerked up, spewing out water in a series of harsh coughs. Tet-Chan leapt back, landing in a defensive crouch and growling low in his throat.

"Damn it," Leon gasped as water and spit dribbled from the corner of his mouth.

Tet-Chan watched the human warily. Perhaps he was possessed by a demon of some sort. That would be bad. He didn't want any demons around Count D. His growl grew in volume until Leon looked up.

"The hell? What now?" Leon looked at the strange looking young man before him. He was slender and athletic looking with long red hair. However, the strangest feature was a pair of horns curled in his hair reminiscent of D's damn sheep creature. "Tet-Chan."

The other man's head lifted at the name. Leon blinked. Could it be possible that this person before him was that stupid creature that took such pleasure in making his visits miserable? He looked down at his arm, which was now bleeding from the earlier scratches that Tet-Chan had unwittingly inflicted. They looked the same as when the tou tetsu attacked him. He wiped at the blood before the wound tingled and healed before his eyes. Leon rubbed his temples. He knew the pet shop was a strange place. He even knew that there were things in the world that he didn't understand and would probably be better off not knowing about, but ever since he'd encountered the Count, things had changed. Suddenly he'd found himself plunged into a mysterious new world filled with creatures that most people said shouldn't even exist. And as if that weren't enough, it appeared that there was an additional aspect to D's strange pets. They had humanoid forms.

"Damn goat, get out of the bathroom!" Leon yelled, startling the young man. Tet-Chan blinked at the human. Leon grumbled. "Don't just stand there looking all stupid! Get out! If you need to talk goat boy, at least give me some privacy!"

Tet-Chan glared at him again, but left the bathroom. Leon sank back into the now cold water. He ducked his head beneath it, but this time resurfaced, shaking the water away. "I can't believe I drowned in the damn bathtub." At least all his muscle aches were gone. They'd healed at some point. Shaking his head, he got up out of the tub and grabbed a towel to wrap around his waist. He wasn't sure he'd ever get used to this strange turn that his life had taken, first D and his killer pets, then his brush with death and immortality. Throwing a towel around his shoulder he trudged out of the bathroom only to be knocked back by a bristling tou tetsu.

"Get the hell off me!" Leon shoved the animal back and blocked as he attempted to pounce once more. "Settle down before I knock those horns off your head." Tet-Chan growled, but stayed back, pacing the floor. "And don't look while I'm getting dressed." Tet-Chan snorted and turned away. Leon dried off and pulled on a pair of sweatpants, rubbing his hair, he turned around to face the pacing tou tetsu. "Don't think I didn't figure it out stupid goat. Change already, I feel like an idiot talking to a dumb pet."

Tet-Chan changed into his humanoid form in a strange blur. He stood before Leon with an annoyed look etched on his face. "That's because you are an idiot." He spat.

"I'm well aware of that." Leon responded, causing Tet-Chan to blink in shock. That was not the answer he was expecting from the detective. Leon sighed and flopped back on his bed, causing it to creak under his weight. "Look, are you going to talk or just stare at me all day? What are you doing? Imagining how good my leg would taste with a side of fried rice?"

Tet-Chan snorted, there was the annoying man he was used to. "Why aren't you dead? You were not breathing and that cut on your arm, it's gone. You must be possessed with a demon, that's why you are still alive." Tet-Chan stalked closer to the bed.

"Oh, I'm the demon? Last time I checked you were the one with horns goat boy."

"I am a demon you fool. I eat the flesh of humans and I think you would go superbly with some sautéed vegetables, that is unless perhaps you would like to give me a reason not to." Tet-Chan was able to grab Leon's leg and caress it in a mock tender gesture.

"I shall give you a reason."

Both men looked up to where D stood in the doorway.

"Count!" Tet-Chan dropped Leon's leg and stepped away from the bed. Leon sat up and got off the bed, glaring sideways at Tet-Chan.


"Tet-Chan was taking so long looking for you, I decided to come and get you myself." D said softly.

"I'm sorry Count. He was dead when I got here." Tet-Chan said glaring at the human.

"Dead?" D's fine eyebrow arched up.

Leon groaned and put a hand on his face, rubbing his forehead. He mumbled into his hand and looked at the floor.

D cocked his head. "What was that?"

"I drowned in the bath tub." Leon said enunciating his words as he looked anywhere but at the Count.

"He must be possessed by a demon, may I eat him?" Tet-Chan asked.

D shook his head. "No, he is not possessed. He is an Immortal."

Tet-Chan looked surprised. "Him? He is Immortal? What god's joke is it that one such as he should live forever?"

"I am sorry, I should have told you all sooner." D apologized.

"About that, when were you going to tell me about your pets?" Leon pointed to Tet-Chan.

"I was unsure of how I should, you still had so much to deal with, I thought it best to wait."

"I appreciate that you thought of me, but maybe this is something we should have been made aware of before this." Leon offered. "Maybe now would be the perfect time for a little "family" meeting. What do you say? After dinner? I'm starved."

D allowed a small smile as he nodded. It appeared that despite all the happenings around him, Leon really did not change much. Dinner was relatively quiet. Leon ate thoughtfully, staring past D to where Tet-Chan was skulking just outside the doorway. Occasionally, a new animal or face would peer through the space. It seemed that word got around fast in this place. The end of the meal could not come soon enough for Leon. He felt as if he was under a microscope with D's unusual menagerie constantly scoping him out, some with very hungry eyes. When dinner was over Leon wasn't sure if he was relieved or not. For one it meant that he didn't have to sit there watching them watch him, but on the other hand he did have to meet them all and explain the situation. After they cleared the table, they made their way out into the sitting room where pets and people of all shapes and sizes were lounging all staring at him. Leon sat down stiffly, highly aware of all the inhuman eyes upon him.

"Would you like some tea for this discussion?"

Leon blinked and looked up at D. "Huh?"

"Tea?" D held up his teapot with both hands and smiled.

"Yes please, I'll need something for my nerves I think."

D nodded and poured Leon a cup of tea. Leon thanked him as he took the cup and took a big gulp that burned its way down his throat. D took the empty cup from Leon's hand and refilled it, seeing that the first cup had helped. Leon took a much smaller sip and placed it back on its saucer on the table. D offered Sofu a cup as his grandfather sat off to the side in a chair. His grandfather accepted gracefully and after he served himself a cup of the sweet scented tea he sat down beside Leon.

D took a delicate sip of the hot liquid before resting his cup on the table. He looked up at the pets as he addressed them. "As I'm sure you've heard, we have a guest with us. It seems that Detective Leon is an immortal. Grandfather is training him in the art of combat so he will be staying with us for some time."

The pets murmured quietly, some moving in for a closer look. A cat woman crawled up slowly and began to sniff at Leon's leg. "Mmmm," she purred, "He smells good. May we play with him?"

D frowned, something flashing in his eyes. "No, I would prefer you not play with him."

"His wounds would heal." Another animal spoke up.

D shook his head. "The answer remains and I will ask all of you to remember my wishes." D said casting his glance over them all. The menagerie got the message, hands off. Tet-Chan glowered. Most of the other animals slowly left for their cages, once they realized that no source of amusement would be forthcoming. A small girl bounded up to Leon and D and hopped around at their feet. "Yes Lin-Chan?" D asked with a smile.

"D-San! D-San! Can Leon-San be my new friend? Please please?" The little girl begged with a winsome smile.

Leon chuckled. "Of course." He smiled at her. "You can never have too many friends can you now? What's your name? What kind of animal are you sweetie?"

"I'm a fox!" She announced as she blurred out into a small red-brown fox that immediately jumped into Leon's lap.

D smiled and Leon began to pet the small fox child. "It looks like you've got another friend now."

"Maybe this won't be so bad after all." Leon said, relaxing into the couch. He petted Lin-Chan and smiled at D. Yes, he could get used to it.

D sat quietly on the red couch in his receiving room. A cup of tea was on the table and a book in his lap. Tet-Chan sat at his feet, eyes closed in contentment as D stroked his head. Tet-Chan cocked his head as they heard someone coming down the stairs. The door swung open and a man walked in clothed in a black trench coat and a dark aura.

D stood up, wiping a few red hairs off of his dark blue cheongsam. "May I help you?"

The man looked up, his dark eyes drinking in D's form. Tet-Chan had left the room when the man entered, but D could hear him growling form the hallway. "Yes," the man said slowly. "Perhaps you can. I'm looking for somebody."

"Somebody? Sir, this is a pet shop."

"So I noticed, but I'm looking for a man. A Detective Leon Orcot."

"And you are? Do you have business with Leon?" D was instantly suspicious of the dark man. He fit the description of the one that had tried to take Leon's head.

The man smirked. "Though it's of little importance to you, my name is Stefan, Stefan Dorian. As for my business, that is between myself and the Detective."

D frowned. "I'm sorry Mr. Dorian, but in order to see Leon, you must go through me."

Dorian snorted. "Something as frail as yourself dares to stand in my way? I could blow you over with a breath. You do not want to be standing in my way."

"You are not one to be making threats in my shop." D said, his eyes glittering fiercely, his whole countenance shifting to something that felt more deadly than his delicate appearance.

Dorian, startled, took a step back. Annoyed at his own actions he snorted. "Well then, perhaps you could pass along a message for Mr. Orcot. Tell him I'll be waiting to finish what we started, and next time I'll be prepared."

"As will he." D said. "Please remove yourself from my shop before I have one of my pets do it." Tet-Chan moved into the room on cue, curling around D's legs and growling fiercely at Dorian.

The man's dark eyes widened as he backed towards the door, not wanting to turn his back on the strange creature. "I'll go, but remember, he can't stay on holy ground for forever." With that he left, almost slamming the door behind him.

D returned to his tea, Tet-Chan's head on his leg. "What an unpleasant man." D commented as he nibbled on a cookie. Tet-Chan nodded his head in agreement.

Not long after a little boy came in with his father in search of a pet hamster and D let the incident slide from his mind as he showed off various species of hamsters.

To be continued...

Additional notes:
Lin-Chan I just made up, I had Pon-Chan but someone informed me she was a racoon and I wanted a fox. She's cute! Anyway, I think things might be heating up soon so stay with me! ^_^