By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: Don't own them.
Notes: This is a spontaneous fic. I wrote it in a writing exercise a week ago and I'm going to quickly type it up here, just so I can feel like I'm getting something accomplished.

Red means a lot of things. Roxanne had her red light. McCarthy had his reds under the bed. Red is for love and red is for blood. But in Chinatown, red stands for luck. Maybe it was that luck that first brought Leon to the Pet Shop. For better or worse, there he lay in an elegant four poster bed made of polished cherry wood, covered with a red velvet canopy, on red silk sheets watching the Count's red nails slowly draw invisible lines down his bare chest. D's long nails traced the valley between Leon's pectoral muscles, slowly winding through the light dusting of hair that led down Leon's belly and under the sheets. As he watched, Leon found his hand cupped behind the Count's head, lazily stroking his hair. D leaned into the gentle touch, a light smile on his lips.

"What are you thinking?" Leon asked.

D looked up at him, his eyes catching the light like strange gems. "I am thinking that it's about time you came around Detective." D spoke slowly, carefully rolling Leon's title across his tongue.

"Ah." Leon nodded, falling once more into a thoughtful silence. He watched D's fingernails trail down to the embroidered edge of the sheet before retracing their path. They slowly veered off course and up to run teasingly around Leon's nipple. D pinched it lightly. Leon's hand paused in D's hair as he glanced at the Count. D met his eyes and Leon resumed his gentle stroking.

"What are you thinking?" D asked.

"I'm thinking that you've got a lot of red in here." Leon waved the hand behind D's head at the room. He let his hand fall back onto the Count's neck, rubbing the soft skin there.

"Red is a lucky color Detective."

Leon nodded. "I know. I'm a lucky man."

D's lips turned up in a slow smile. "Yes, a very lucky man."