More Important Things
By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: I don't own them and frankly I'd be a bit scared to own someone like the Rock.
Notes: I love this movie. It's pretty lighthearted, wanted to keep the story the same. You see, in my head the boys ran off to Canada and started up a restaurant called The Gato and Travis is attending college again just for the heck of it. Maybe I'll write more on that later, but for now, here's something short and sweet.

The Gato was closed for the night. The front door was closed. The floors were swept and mopped and all the tables were neat and clean. Everyone had gone home for the night except one lone figure sprawled out on the bar. Travis stretched out on his stomach, reading a book by the dim lights from the bar and a few candles in colorful jars. He looked up as the kitchen door swung open. Beck walked out bringing the spicy scent of the kitchen with him.

"It's amazing." Travis said.

"What's amazing?" Beck walked over to the bar and seated himself on one of the stools.

"These lines in Nazca, Peru. They can only be seen from the air, but these ancient people put down these huge drawings of animals and shapes way before there were planes. One even looks like a spaceman." Travis slid his book over to Beck, pointing at the picture of the spaceman.

"It's quite impressive. I suppose there's treasure there?"

Travis pulled his book back. "No. I was only reading. Not everything is about treasure you know." Travis huffed.

Beck nodded. "I know. Just making sure you remember that."

"I know. I know." Travis put the book down on the bar and sat up.

"Good. Don't forget." Beck jabbed his finger into Travis' chest.

"Don't forget." Travis mimicked, poking the big man as he looked down at Beck from his position on the bar. "What will you do if I forget?"

"Well, you have two options."

"What are those?" Travis asked as if he hadn't heard it a dozen times before.

"First, there's option A. I tell you to forget whatever little scheme you're up to and you do it." Beck tapped Travis' forehead.

"And option B?" Travis asked, leaning back.

"I make you."

"You make me? How?"

Beck knocked his stool to the floor as he stood. He grabbed Travis by his waist and dragged him to the edge of the counter. He stepped between Travis' legs and held him in place as their mouths clashed together. There was a brief struggle for dominance before Travis gave in and rode out the hard kiss. Beck bit Travis' lip and pulled back.

"Like that." He said, staring at Travis.

Travis panted as he stared at the other man. "Hm, I kind of like that option. Maybe I should scheme more often." He pressed himself closely to Beck, grinning up at him.

"Or maybe you should scheme less. It leaves more room for those more important things." Beck rumbled.

"Can I get another reminder of those more important things?"

"That can certainly be arranged." Beck nodded as he slung Travis over his shoulder and carried the squirming young man to their upstairs loft.

The End

If you like it, maybe I'll get around to writing out more of that story in my head. ^_^